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Bill's Backyard Oasis

This 2,000 sq. ft. outdoor living space includes an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, hot tub, natural cleft flagstone, veneered walls, and ample space for outdoor dining and lounging. Privacy landscaping and custom lighting add the finishing touches on this beautiful backyard oasis.

Watch the time lapse video of the project
  • Design & Planning

    The architect who built the house had initially drawn up incredibly elaborate plans that included an in-ground hot tub and massive pergola. The plans were confusing and didn't really meet the homeowners' needs, so we worked closely with them and went through multiple revisions to design their ideal outdoor living

    space. By removing elements they didn't want and adding features like custom lighting, we were able to give them everything they were looking for while staying within their budget.

  • Permitting

    Laws regarding water runoff can make it tricky to get building permits for patios larger than 1,000 square feet, but we were able to move the process along quicker than usual by working with the township and the engineer to keep things moving.

  • Drainage

    Because the patio features a raised edge, the plans required a drainage system. Many builders use corrugated pipe to save money on drainage, but these pipes can get crushed over time and cause major problems. That's why we use heavy-duty PVC piping, ensuring our work will last.

  • custom stonework

    Once we had installed the drainage, built the cinder block foundations for the various design features, and graded the area, we had to have the paving stones custom cut to fit the shape of the patio and walkway.

  • matching the mortar

    We go to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they want, and this project was no exception. Matching the mortar to the color of the house is a fairly common request, but not necessarily an easy one, especially when you're trying to match something new to something weathered.

    To complicate matters in this case, not only did the builder mix a custom color, but the dye the builder used came from a supplier that is no longer in business, and we couldn't get it directly from the manufacturer either. That wasn't going to stop us though, so we got one of our suppliers to find the closest dye possible, and mixed several test batches until we had a match.

  • custom lighting

    If you really want to enjoy your outdoor living space, the right lighting is essential, so we designed custom uplights with frosted glass inserts for the pillars at the end of the sitting wall.

years of enjoyment

Using only the highest quality materials from the foundation to the finishes, our work stands the test of time, giving you an outdoor space that will look great for years to come, and add value to your home.