However, there were major problems with the suicide ruling,

of Chuck Morgan and the 1990 Murder of Doug Johnston

Canada Goose online For the past three years, I’ve been investigating the canada goose outlet florida disappearance of Susan Powell. When she returned, Zach canada goose discount uk was gone. On March 22, Chuck vanished without explanation until he came stumbling back into his house three nights later at 2:00 AM. His hands were bound with plastic handcuffs and he pointed to this throat to imply he could not speak. When Ruth grabbed a pen and paper, canada goose outlet in chicago Chuck wrote that he had been kidnapped and his throat had been painted with a hallucinogenic drug, which could drive him insane or destroy his nervous system and kill him. He then wrote that the entire family’s lives would be in danger if they contacted the police or a doctor, so Ruth spent the next week nursing Chuck back to health on her own. At one point, Chuck wrote out “My Treasury ID is missing” and hinted canada goose outlet michigan that he was secretly working as an agent for the federal government. After Chuck recovered, he would not provide any more details about what happened, but became super paranoid and protective of his family. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket On June 7, Chuck showed up at his father’s house and said that if anything ever happened to him, there was a letter which would explain everything. This alleged letter never surfaced and Chuck disappeared again. Nine days later, Ruth received a call from an anonymous woman, who said Chuck was okay and referenced the Bible passage, Ecclesiastes 12:1 8, before hanging up. Two days after that, Chuck’s body was found next to his vehicle in a desert area 40 miles outside of Tucson. He had been shot in the back of the head and his.357 Magnum was lying next to him. Chuck had gunshot residue on his left hand, but even though he was right handed, the police’s ruling was suicide. However, there were major problems with the suicide ruling, such as the fact that Chuck was wearing a bulletproof vest and there were no fingerprints on the gun. One of Chuck’s teeth was wrapped in a handkerchief inside his vehicle, along with written directions to the location. canadian goose jacket

canada goose store Chuck also canada goose outlet winnipeg had a $2 bill clipped inside his underwear which had “Ecclesiastes” and a “12” written on it, along with arrows pointing to a 1 and an 8 in the bill’s serial number. There was also a list of seven Spanish surnames, starting with the letters A through G, and the individuals pictured signing the Declaration of Independence on the bill were numbered 1 through 7. A crudely drawn map was sketched on the bill of some roads leading to Robles Junction and Salacity, two towns nearly the Mexican border. The police soon received a call from a woman calling herself “Green Eyes” who claimed she was the same woman who phoned Ruth Morgan. She said she met Chuck in a motel room shortly before his death and that he showed her a briefcase containing $60,000 which he was planning to use to buy himself out of a contract on canada goose outlet online uk his life. canada goose store

uk canada goose Weeks later, two men claiming to FBI agents visited Ruth at her home and tore the place apart to search for something. They never said what they were looking for and the FBI would later deny having any record of two agents visiting the Morgan home. The case caught the eye of an investigative journalist named Don Devereux, who discovered that Morgan was likely using his escrow company to do money laundering for the mafia. At one point, he was doing over a billion dollars in escrow work by purchasing gold bullion and platinum. In February 1990, the story was featured on “Unsolved Mysteries” and their tip line received over 600 calls. Devereux checked out these leads and learned that the massive money laundering operation Morgan was involved with likely extended beyond the mafia and organized crime into branches of the government, such as the CIA. uk canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap On May 14, 1990, a Phoenix man named Doug Johnston was shot behind the left ear canada goose outlet hong kong while parking his vehicle in the lot of the computer graphics company he worked at. Since canada goose outlet Johnston’s wallet and other valuables were left behind, the murder resembled a professional hit even though Johnston did not seem to have any enemies. It turned out that Don Devereux lived directly across the street from the parking lot. Devereux eventually learned from sources that a contract had been put out on his life, likely because of his investigation into the Morgan case. Since Johnston and Devereux both drove similar looking Toyota station wagons and there was only a one digit difference in the addresses of Devereux’s residence and the computer graphics company, it seemed that a contract killer might have mistaken Johnston for Devereux and murdered a completely innocent man. The contract hit was never actually carried out on Devrereux and he is canada goose premium outlet still alive today, but no one uncovered who was responsible for the deaths of Chuck Morgan and Doug Johnston. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets I examine both unsolved cases on the latest canada goose outlet orlando episode of my podcast, “The Trail Went Cold”: Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats Whoa thank you for this. I had read about Morgan case before, but not Johnson or that it was possibly linked canada goose coats.

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